For Parents


For the safety of our students, all visitors will be required to report to the office and receive a visitor's badge before entering the school.

Dismissal Information

We cannot allow a child to go home in a way that is different from their usual dismissal without a note or phone call from the parent or guardian.  Please call or write any time there is a change in the way your child is to go home.

Longview School Pledge

I pledge today to do my best,
in reading, math, and all the rest.
I promise to follow the rules,
in my class, the bus, and the school.
I pledge to show my lion pride,
I will succeed with every stride!
Respectful, safe, responsible, kind,
Excellence is always on my mind!

Excellence Every Day, the Longview Way!  Have Lion Pride!  ROAR!!


Longview School Expectations

1.  Be respectful.

2.  Be safe.

3.  Be responsible.

4.  Be kind.


Shop the Thrifty Lion!

The Thrifty Lion is a resale store featuring clothes for children, women, and men.  It also sells furniture, electronics, bedding, toys, books, bicycles, glassware, hats, shoes, etc. at very reasonable prices, beginning at only $1.

Friday from 12 -5 PM
Saturday from 10 AM until 2 PM

People wishing to make a donation to the resale store can bring their items to the Thrifty Lion, which is located at 2505 First Ave. SW. The non-profit store is operated entirely by volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to work at the Thrifty Lion, or schedule a home pickup of your donation, please contact Betty Phillips, PTA President, at Volunteers and donations are always needed. All money raised goes toward enhancing the education of the Longview Elementary School children. The PTA works closely with the staff and teachers at the school to achieve this objective.

Join us!

If you are interested in joining the PTA and actively support the students and teachers of Longview Elementary School, please call the school office at (828) 485-0975 and leave a message for the PTA. We are always looking for volunteers. Our PTA meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at the school, and usually last about one hour. Financially, the PTA supports the teachers' requests for educational materials for the children at all grade levels, the Weekly Readers, field trips, the student's planning books, physical education equipment, new playground equipment, and other contributions to enhance the educational process for the children of Longview Elementary School. We work closely with the teachers and the administrative staff including Principal Judy Jolly. We also have FUN!